Saturday, July 14, 2012


Everyone is afraid of something. It's not always rational, in fact most time the fear makes no sense. I've been through a lot of fears in the past few months. First I went through my first surgery ever, then recovery, and now I'd say my biggest fear is never being normal again.

Most of us admit to bigger fears, heights, snakes, spiders, the dark, but how many of us truly admit to those inner fears? I think most everyone is afraid of not fitting in, of not finding love, of never being good enough. These are the reasons that the paranormal genre is so popular. We live out all our fears, even the ones we don't mention, through these books.

I recently read a high fantasy short by Megan Derr, and thought, now here's the truth of fear of acceptance. The main character is rejected for being different, so he does something he knows is very dangerous to try to win acceptance. In the end he is truly accepted for having that difference, finds love even, or the beginnings of it.

Being a reader as well as a writer I'm always searching for the best multi-faceted stories. Deep of character is breed by what they love, hate, and fear. Sure vampires and werewolves can be scary. Serial killers, and fire are scary, but even in a genre where the monsters are often the norm, the more silent fears are more intriguing. If the character can over come that obstacle, not only will they win against the bad guy, but they evolve into a better self. That is something to not be afraid of.

What do you fear? And do you admit to those baser fears?