Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Paranormal Friendships-How We Met

NJ Nielsen 
Embry Carlysle 

NJ: It is amazing what an online friendship can turn into; since first meeting we have jumped ahead by leaps and bounds. All of this started over a really bad joke about me mispronouncing Y2K, and yes I pronounced it 2KY and so it began.

EM: NJ and I first met on a yahoo group I think…just a few words here and there when dropping in. Then we talked a few times on Twitter… We were both invited to join a private group through a mutual friend and that’s when we started talking more.

NJ: The realms came around because of two drunk Leprechauns and the mad orgy they could cause with 2KY… That one conversation started off a flood of ideas jumping backwards and forwards until The Realms started taking shape and with each new conversation The Realms into something more.

EM: She told me later on she thought I was a stalker, at first I laughed then I thought... really? Me? A stalker? No way. Well it did seem I was everywhere she was…guess she could think that. One night we got to talking about Y2K like she said and she couldn’t remember what it was called. When she said 2KY I couldn’t help but add my 2 cents… she laughed for hours... lots of LMAO’s

NJ: It is amazing that when two people click how easy it is for the thought patterns to align. We started out with just shifters, and now we have demons that all have their own little quirks, we have a whole Village that moves at will. We have Fey, and my favourites, the humanoid androids.

EM: I think it was my humour (humor) she first connected with (after we established I’m not said stalker) and so our conversations went. She threw this amazing idea out there and I jumped on it so fast my head spun. We connected instantly and it’s grown from there.

NJ: Each of us takes the time to listen to what the other says and if we can’t agree on something we go to a third party that will see whose idea makes more sense. Also I love the fact that our GoodReads group is so helpful when we need something validated. So many wonderful minds throwing ideas at you from every angle; it is like having a whole second family.

EM: I can’t imagine doing this with anyone else, because we share a brain... as crazy as that sounds. We totally get each other, and the truly amazing thing is we live on two far away continents from each other. Yet I would go to her before someone in the room next to me. It also feels good to make new friends whom love the paranormal world as much as the two of us do.

NJ: It feels good that between the two of us Embry and I have so much information gathered that it makes writing so easy. Even today we just had a whole new idea for a spin-off series.

EM: Like I told NJ earlier….It’s funny when you think about it, other than some language barriers and the fact that this document is Australian and word checks my American words, (humor and humour) Fate brought us together over a bottle of KY… try not to think too much on that.) I can’t wait to see where this friendship takes us…


  1. Reminds me of Sasha and me ^___^ We just clicked, and we work really well together, and always have so much fun. One random thing and now I cannot imagine having her around :D

    Love loved this post!

  2. Thanks :) I feel blessed to have met NJ....feel the same way cant imagine my life without her :D

    (she paid me to say that btw lolololol jk)

  3. Exactly what I was thinking. I was blessed the day she didn't really turn out to be a stalker. Best friend a person could ever have. Next Year and all the years that follow will only get better.