Thursday, March 8, 2012

Magic and Evolution

When I was a kid the whole world was magical. I remember sneaking into the kitchen trying to steal a cookie from the cookie jar, but my mom always caught me. I could have sworn my mother had magical powers, or at the very least, eyes in the back of her head. I just couldn’t figure how she knew what I was doing.

As time passed I had my own kids and my hearing sharpened to inhuman capabilities. The hushed whispers of plotting children and that distinct rattle of the cookie jar lid could be heard whether I was in the room or in the basement pantry. I became just as ‘magical’ as my own mother.

I miss that magic. It was a time in my life when anything and everything seemed possible. Back then, idea of finding a leprechaun at the end of the rainbow was a secret ambition of mine and the thought of becoming a butterfly when I grew up sounded fantastic. Then again, I was a strange child.

But what if there was magic out there? Real honest to goodness magic.

When you’re thinking really hard about someone and wondering how they are, is it coincidence when the phone rings and it’s the person you were thinking about? What about those CIA astral projectors that were paid to find enemy bases through out-of-body experiences and mental pictures? Is that what magic is? Is it even real, or just a hoax on the tax payers and government?

I like to think some things are real. That the mind is capable of things we all just don’t have access to yet, that maybe we just haven’t finished evolving into our true potential.

Maybe we’ll all have the ability to bend spoons, send empathic or telepathic messages, and project ourselves into other place while our bodies are safely tucked into bed. What magical powers would you like to evolve to have?


  1. Ooooo i would love to be able to do magic. If nothing else i'd love to be able to read my husband's mind!

  2. I want the magical power to set things right. Anything, from historical injustice to simply getting the house in order without the labor. Just... fixed.