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Seamus on you Shanahan

DISCLAIMER: When I signed up to do the St. Patrick’s Day post here I thought what fun. NJ and I have the most adorable little Leprechauns from our upcoming series that we just know would love to answer some questions for us. They love a good audience. Uh well let’s just say, we can’t be held responsible for what they come up with. We really should have known better.
Thoughtfully and apologetically yours,
Embry Carlysle
NJ Nielsen

Seamus on you Shanahan

Embry & I decided to hunt down the two little buggers that have caused so much trouble in our world – they are the princes of Mischief & Mayhem. Embry has poured enough coffee down their throats to make them sober up enough to answer some questions that I think we all want to find out the answers to.

First and foremost… Why the hell did you set this all in motion?

Shanahan: What ye be talking about? All we did was share some love with the pretty Fae and the human. Love makes the world go round. Do you not be thinking the Seamus?
Seamus:  Aye that I do Shanny, that I do. Wait, what did you ask me? **hiccup** (He blushes profusely, or is that the left over effects of the liquor? NJ is not amused)

Okay, what made you choose Roxy and Harlin?

Shanahan: (After picking himself up off the floor & his belly laughs turn to mere giggles.) I be thinking the human needed to pull the stick out of his ar… (Embry slaps her hand across his mouth to stop the swear words – having learnt previously – swear words send the Leprechauns into fits of giggling like school girls – so not pretty. Okay, so it may be worthy of You Tube.) (“Same question” NJ says to Seamus.)
Seamus: (He totally ignores Shanahan) Plus they’re the cutest, really cutest men on their planet and yours, ye know?

Tell us about Fate Raynes?
Shanahan: (Gasps Loudly) Don’t be saying the big man’s name around us (“Why?” NJ asks. Shan as he prefers to be called rolls his pretty green eyes.) If ye be saying his name too close to us he will be finding us and we will have to be running again.
Seamus: Aye I’m with Shan, we be very careful no to mention our man in da public, you see. Very bad indeed.
So if talking about Fa… the big man is out why don’t you tell us what is the best thing about living in The Shadow Realms?
Shanahan: How long do we be having… there are a many great things to be living where we do… Leprechaun Magics is being the best part, and pranking the uppity ups (Once again Giggles flow out of him like tinkling bells. Embry chuckles as NJ reaches across and slaps the giggling man up the side of his head.)
Seamus: Oh come now, we jest be having a wee laugh, no need to be so slap happy, unless of course ye like to be slapped.(He winks at the two ladies, then gets slapped himself by Shan)
What is the funniest prank you have ever pulled and on whom?

Shanahan: (Shanahan looks over at his partner in crime and smiles evilly.) That be the day the big man found out we be his mates. (What did you do? Embry and NJ lean forward eagerly.) I will be telling you it is the funniest thing and the reason we be in hiding today. (He glares at us both – if our mate be finding us we be knowing who is the snitch and you better be sleeping with one eye open – because we be playing our next prank on the two of you.)

Seamus: ‘Tis not as funny as ye be remeberin’ Shan, he was no happy to know we be it fer him, and ‘tis the only reason we be in hiding.

Shanahan: (Now Shan ignores Seamus, something they seem to be quite good at)  Don’t be forgetting the superglue? (Glue? Both Embry and NJ gasp.)

Seamus: Shh Shanny don’t ye be giving all our secrets away, are nay we suppose to be talkin about this silly human holiday St. Paddy’s day, anyway? Sometimes Seamus can ruin the moment by being the voice of reason, especially when he’s not as sober as he had Embry convinced he was.

Okay, I think next time we bring you a message from the guys we may have to have them be a little more sober than we have them today…or get stronger coffee.
Shanahan: Remember Karma is a bitch and we will be keeping an eye on the pair of you.
Seamus: No Shan… Karma be our brother in-law. (He cracks up laughing as Shanahan drags him out of the room.)

Like we said, we never know quite what to expect from the two little trouble makers. On behalf of NJ and myself, may you all have a wonderful St. Paddy’s day, even if you’re not Irish. May you know nothing but good luck today in everything you do, and may you always be on the lookout for Seamus and Shanahan…….

Irish Eyes are always watching……

Embry and NJ

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