Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th
By: Embry-the unlucky-Carlysle

Friday the 13th, that magical, mystifying day. Some say its evil; some say it’s lucky I say it’s cursed. Well today, it certainly is for me.

I got up this morning just like I do every weekday morning by hitting the snooze button on my alarm clock every 9 minutes (which I’ve never understood why it’s 9 minutes and not 10) anyway after the 4th time I decided I should get up for work.

Things went strangely well for me, bed made-check, shower taken-check, clothes on-check, makeup on-check….

Squirt of perfume onto neck-uh uncheck. More like squirt of perfume straight into the eyes causing massive pain and mascara to run all over face-check.

So after spending twenty more minutes I cannot spare to replace said makeup I am now running really close to maybe possible being late to my job that is forty minutes away from where I live. Not so good.

So finally I’m ready to leave for work so I get into my car and start it and it makes this God-awful sound, like a steel door going through a wood chipper. Uh yeah not so good considering I just shelled a butt load of money yesterday for a new a/c compressor. (I live in Texas, soooo can’t live down here without an a/c in the car, house, office, restaurant, store…well you get the picture.) Anyway now where was I? Oh yeah the noise. Well I decide to let it run for a few minutes hoping the sound would stop and luckily it does. I back out of the garage and look for the remote for the opener only it’s not where it’s supposed to be. (20 year old darling daughter was last to use my car, it’s probably in her purse, because, hey all 20 something’s carry them in their purse) uh huh.

So, too continue I get out of my car, go back into the garage and hit the button on the wall, then I have to leave quickly to get out before the garage door comes down on me, of course why would I ever think this was the end of all my back luck. I trip out of my sandals landing on my derriere on the driveway in a dirty spot and yes you guessed it I’m wearing white pants.

Shock: We down south wear white before Memorial Day---scandalous…..LOL

So another 10 minutes later I’m changed and finally thank the Gods I’m on the road. I have now called work to tell them I am running late.

So I’m driving along and lo and behold the check engine light comes on…..Oh for the love of carbs. Are ya freaking kidding me???? (Of course I use that much more explicit adjective, but I’ll keep this PG).  Someone seriously hates me today….So I pull my car over to the side of the road and bang my head on the steering wheel and say that word like a mantra…

Suddenly it dawns on me, remember me saying that my 20 year old had the car last? Could it be that yet again she put gas in but forgot to turn the cap until it clicks several times? Can I possibly catch a break maybe?  I bravely get out of the car in rush hour traffic to check and thank the Gods who cursed me earlier it wasn’t on tight. I take this and the 18 wheelers who honk at me as a sign my day will get better. (by the way thanks Budweiser man you were cute too ;) )

Finally, blessedly I make my way to work and I’m only ten minutes late (thanks to the cops who are normally out for being at the donut shop and not clocking traffic)

I have to sit back and wonder why on earth all this happened today to me, could it really be because it’s Friday the 13th? Maybe. More than likely it’s because I laughed my proverbial ass off at my bestest friend NJ Nielsen when she told me about her superstitions.

Turns out she will never walk under a ladder (which is a smart thing) because one time the entire paint can fell on her, and if that wasn’t enough she did it again another time and the ladder fell on her. Maybe she had a bad day like mine, or maybe she’s just klutzy (I go with the latter) who knows.

But I can promise you for the rest of this day I will avoid, ladders, black cats, wee fairy folk (hey they could be here) and any other superstitious things I can think of. I will also keep salt with me to ward off evil spirits, of course with my luck I’ll just throw it in my eyes.

Here’s hoping you all have a much better Friday the 13th then I did.



  1. But the day isn't a total loss, Embry! You posted this successfully!

    (Having said that, perhaps you might want to step away from me. Just in case.)

  2. LOL Embry! *hugs* I hope the rest of your day has improved. Me personally, I like to think Friday the 13th is a lucky day. Hopefully I will prove that point by winning the lottery tonight with the ticket I bought today. ;-)

  3. well LC and mc heehee are y'all related? lol anyway good luck on the lottery ticket LC and mc I'll stay on my side of the room for the next 5 1.2 hours then the 13th is over and we can hang out again....howw's that? lol

  4. LOL - I sure do stay away from ladders now and all those other ones I told you... I just retain the weirdest things in my head.