Sunday, April 1, 2012

Top Secret Project Revealed

Stumbling around the interwebs, going places where I don't belong, I ran across this government report. Most of it was redacted but what was available is amazing!

...a high-ranking official, speaking under the condition of anonymity, had this to say about the project: "What we did to those volunteers was horrifying. The screams, the victims we had to provide in order to stave off their bloodlust.... I'll never..."
Details are on a need-to-know basis, but the project has proven blood and tissue samples harvested from the New Mexico crash site will interact with human cells to provide super-human powers. Increased strength, cognitive skills, and healing capability will give our soldiers the edge in any future conflicts.
Breeding of these newly improved humans is already underway. Accelerated incubation periods has produced incredible results. Continued funding to monitor and train these offspring is essential to our security.

The implications are astounding. And terrifying.


P.S. Yes, this is an April Fools post. But the just the possibility is frightening, no?


  1. :) If you've read enough Sci-Fi/Fantasy, you'll understand that this is NOTHING! :) (even April Fool's-wise)

    One of the "benefits" of reading SF/Fantasy over a period of about 50 years, is that minds/imaginations can come up with some extraordinary scenarios - witness Isaac Asimov with his robots; or Arthur C Clarke and his worlds; Andre Norton and Marion Zimmer Bradley fantasised about ESP and all it's variations; "1984" is a classic - and still proving enlightenment.......

    The advancement scientists have made with DNA profiling is enough to make one cringe - but that's also been used as a fictional premise.

    I love it!! There are enough writers in the SF/Fantasy genre who are CLEVER enough to make me stop and think! And it's enquiring minds as well as clever ones that may make this type of scenario fact.

    *hugs* and *huge smiles*

    1. A lot of stories do start this way, don't they? Then again, I'm sure a lot of scientists start here too. DNA profiling is just the beginning. I'm sure there are secret experiments out there playing with genetic manipulation and splicing DNA.

      Ideally some day we'll be able to isolate and remove diseases, but the dark side of the possibilities is more interesting to play with, from a literary aspect at least. Special ordering a tiny human specifically engineered to your requirements? The ramifications are limitless. Not to mention exploring the debate over nature versus nurture.